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Includes homeowners, condominium unit owners, rental property owners, and condominium associations and HOAs.

Residential Damage is one of the most devastating things that a homeowner can experience. From fire, water, wind, frozen pipes, and more, damage to your home is stressful and frustrating, to say the least.

When it comes to residential insurance claims, hiring an experienced public adjuster can make your life easier and maximize your claim payout. Here are just a few reasons you’ll love working with you and the benefits you’ll get.

Save Time & Reduce Stress

We know insurance policies and claim filing. We can save you time and reduce your stress by handling much of this for you.

Maximize Your Claim Settlement

We work for you, not the insurance company. We’ll fight to make sure you get every dollar you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

No Out of Pocket Costs

Arouty Public Adjusters are paid on a contingency fee basis. There are no up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you! We don’t get paid until we have successfully negotiated a settlement with your insurance company.

Residential Damage Public Adjuster

We have helped numerous homeowners with residential damage insurance claims. We work for you, not the insurance company. Our expertise in evaluating, documenting, and negotiating your insurance claim can help you save time, and stress, and maximize your insurance claim payout so you are treated fairly by the insurance company.

Our experienced, professional public adjuster will help you by evaluating your insurance policy, documenting your claim, and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf.

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Experienced & Responsive

Damage to your home can be catastrophic to your life. From water damage to wind, fire, roofing, and other damages, chances are, you won’t have the time and experience to handle your insurance claim and get the most you are entitled to. Insurance companies typically want to minimize their exposure.

We can save you time, and stress and help you get your life back, as well as help navigate your insurance claim and maximize your insurance settlement.


Why Use A Public Adjuster?

Arouty Public Adjuster specializes in residential insurance claims. We can assist in damage mitigation in multiple ways. We’re experienced and knowledgeable in helping our clients get the best results from a residential insurance claim.

Let’s face it, insurance companies want to minimize their exposure and claim payouts. This puts you at a disadvantage if you’re not familiar with insurance policies and the claims process. We can help protect you against complicated issues and navigate your insurance claim for you.

Benefits You’ll Get

When you hire Arouty Public Adjuster, you have the comfort of knowing you have an expert handling your claim.

You have us in your corner to help deal with the stress of the insurance company. We handle all aspects of the recovery so you can get on with your life and keep your sanity.

You get caring, friendly, responsive service and an experienced, educated advocate that’s on your side.

We will fight to get you the settlement you deserve.


What Our Client’s Say About Our Service

“I had a great experience with Stefan Arouty after a pipe burst in my bathroom recently. He was efficient, extremely responsive, and got the job done. I would definitely recommend working with him.”

Alixandra Arroyo

“Recently with all the cold weather, I had a pipe break in my home. I had no idea what to do or where to turn except for my insurance company. My neighbor had suggested a Public Adjuster. I was not familiar with services from a Public Adjuster at all. I did some research and with my neighbor’s recommendation, I contacted Mr. Arouty.
Mr. Arouty educated me and answered every single question and concern. I went from a stress level of 10 to 0 real quick!!! My family is so grateful for the time and attention Mr. Arouty extended in an effort to go above and beyond help. I highly recommend Mr. Arouty!!!!”

Phyllis Tocci

“I highly recommend Arouty Public Adjusters. I had a flood in my house and he got me all the money and more from the insurance company.”

Caroline Corbin

“Arouty Public Adjuster was fantastic. The hose in my dishwasher broke and water went throughout the house. Stefan was able to minimize the damage and settle the claim quickly.. I recommend him highly.”

Lori Hirsch

“I highly recommend Arouty Public Adjuster! With our zero-below temperatures, my pipes froze and Mr. Arouty was prompt and professional. I found him to be thorough and honest. He made the process with the insurance company seamless and explained the entire insurance process in a way that I could understand. If another issue arises I look forward to working with him again.”

Lyn Zerimar

“Call him if you have any kind of damage to your house.
he is very helpful and works with you.”

Suri L.

Why Choose Us

Public Adjuster’s Main Responsibilities

Here’s a partial list of the things we do to help our client’s:

Evaluate Insurance Policy

Evaluate insurance policies in order to determine what coverage
may be applicable to a claim.

Evaluate Losses

Evaluate residential and commercial losses and extra expenses.


Prepare Claim

Prepare and substantiate the claim to property and contents as well as any additional expenses.

Document Claim

Prepare, document, and support the claim on behalf of the insured.

Negotiate & Settle Claim

Negotiate a settlement with your insurance company and maximize your claim payment.

Reopen Claim

If needed, we can reopen your claim and negotiate for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled.

Areas We Serve

We serve clients located in Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau,
Queens, and Suffolk Counties New York.

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